Tuesday, December 30, 2014

found an ALAMP project

I noticed a new ALAMP test site today. Anglesey Blvd at Royal York Rd. That's just north of Dundas St W. Went by in the daylight so no lights on. But I noted the cut-off heads and flat lens on the bottom. And antennae sticking out. Shared this on the RASC Toronto Centre Yahoo!Groups.

Peter was surprised as he thought the ALAMP project was dead or on hold.

Joe drove by and looked closer. Toronto Hydro changed all the shades to full cut-off. He found the lamp lens was absolutely clear. He noted the new fixtures put out a lot more light but the circle was tighter. The walls of the nearby apartment buildings were not lit. Curiously, he found they were definitely not LED.

He then tried to confirm his observations by visiting the "posted" website on that project sign - http://www.torontohydro.com/ALAMP - but the webpage was dead!

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