Thursday, December 25, 2014

gifts 2014

Received a number of astronomy-related gifts this year from the family.

Darth Vader's head. In chocolate. From Regal Candy, who appears to make Pez. And Rockets! I find your lack of body disturbing. A fleece blanket with stars and planets. Shall I take that to the observatory? Or keep it in the camping gear? Index cards, 50, and a case, with a space theme. Except I'm trying to not use paper... Huh. I did have an unused set of index cards in astronomy box α... A hand-made knitted item from sis. Mom didn't recognise it. Steve, while she was making it, thought it weird bug. I recognised it right away. "Don't ride in anything with a Capissen 38 engine, they fall right out of the sky." A medium-sized button. Of a full Moon! Oh dear.

A magazine.

The October 2014 issue of Canadian Geographic with a feature article Canada in Space. Interesting...

A special issue by National Geographic entitled The New Universe. This might be mostly a review for me... It's all changing pretty fast!

A binder. Part of the National Geographic Space series. Featuring the Great Orion Nebula.

Tried to think of a way I might be able to use this... Some RASC paperwork? General astronomy paperwork?

The coolest item? Chris Hadfield's book You Are Here.

Looking forward to examining closely his wonderful photographs from on orbit.

Thanks sis, Steve, and Mom!

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