Sunday, May 05, 2013

a bit of work among the play

We did a few chores and tasks are the CAO this weekend.

Tony and I inspected the barbecue closely. The four main burners are damaged. The three carry-over tubes are damaged. It still needs a replacement (4-element) igniter. The four tamers are damaged or in very bad shape. We fixed the right door. The new cover can be mended. However, the tricky bit is that a flange on the inside of the firebox is partly damaged. It is not a listed replacement part; so we may have to fabricate something...

Trevor installed our best battery in the mower and started it. Probably the grounds will need cutting next weekend! I checked the fuel supply. We had lots.

The back (south) door was tended to, as best as possible, given the extensive damage. The wind could still grab and bend the door again. When entering or exiting please ensure that the latch catches and holds
the door closed. We intend to replace this at the work party. I stuck a sticker.

I tried to get some more supervisor photos... I find it curious that Ian does not pose well.

Tested my new GBO code.

Checked the supply of charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid.

Would need to document some items for the supervisors...

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