Thursday, May 23, 2013

considered the new family membership

Phil and I chatted about the impending changes to the RASC membership. The Canada Revenue Agency changes for non-profits will require some reconsideration for how associate members are treated.

The Associate membership class will be eliminated. It will be replaced with a Family membership. Each family member will receive a unique RASC ID. The obvious impact is we'll need to track the new, unique ID for each family member associated with the primary. We discussed that if the primary member does not renew, then the family members will evaporate.

The big thing I was wondering about was whether we should keep the current structure, a hierarchy of primary member linked to family members, or convert to a flat system... Like what we started out with...

Looks like I'll be diving into the database again...

Phil said this would "almost [certainly happen] after the Thunder Bay GA." I.e. end of June. So that would give us some time to talk.

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