Saturday, March 31, 2012

helped at EH star party (Don Mills)

Phil and I went to the Earth Hour 2012 star party at the Ontario Science Centre. As usual, the RASC Toronto Centre was providing the technical expertise and offering telescopic views. We had a good turnout of volunteers. Even Doug helped! Sharmin shot photos and covered for operators when they needed a break. We showed Venus, Jupiter and its moons, Mars, Messier 42 and the Trapezium, Castor. Mostly I flew Phil's Meade 8" SCT while he worked the crowd. Phil used his iPad to show people stuff while they waited in line. I used my little whiteboard from time to time to sketch things. Handy.

We "tricked" one guy. He was standing by us as I offered views through the eyepiece and Phil said an image on the tablet. The guy said, "That's amazing! How you get the live images from the telescope to the iPad." We had to let him down gently. We're not there. Yet. Confused him, briefly.

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