Sunday, March 18, 2012

collimated Tony's binos (Toronto)

When I reported to Tony that I knew how to fix the Celestron 15x70 SkyMaster binoculars, he asked me to try. Collimated the worst of them. Exact same way the Oberwerk are collimated [ed: old link]. The exact way... I affected the maintenance with a orange peeler and turntable screwdriver!

Adjusted first the right screw. Then left screw to draw the images together. Then eased off the right a bit. Got a merged image. Yeh! Didn't have to struggle or strain to make the image. Could relax. Looking good (although I think the right ocular has a finger print). Hint of red and blue colour off the disk of the planet in these binos.

I could easily see Callisto, Io, Jupiter, and Ganymede. Estimated, correctly, Ganymede to be slightly brighter than Io. Tried to get fainter Europe between Ganymede and the planet. No luck.

Clouds are moving in.

Told Grace the good news...


Updated link to Oberwerk.

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