Saturday, March 03, 2012


The light bulb finally flicked on a few minutes after 6:00 PM. Manuel was not phoning me to arrange to pick me up on his way to the DDO from his house... because he wasn't at this house.

It hit me, at last, that he wasn't departing from his home like what had occurred for the last RASC Toronto Centre Members Night at the DDO. He, as usual, was working. Like he normally does on Saturday. Working at his office. His office in North York. DOH! I had assumed we were going to repeat our February plans for this event. And now, I realised, I was in trouble. There was no easy way I could get to the DDO in team. Public transit would take over an hour. If anyone else was going from the 'hood, they would have already left. And I was loath to drive the car with old summer tires while the meteorologists calling for snow. It didn't make sense to rent a car.

I phoned Manuel, tail between my legs, and apologised. "I goofed up." Damn it! I wanted to be there for his first astro presentation.

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