Wednesday, October 13, 2010

presentation screw-up

I worked on the RASC Toronto Centre meeting presentation for naught.

Guy took Ralph's copy from the evening before and tweeked it, not knowing that I had changed it already, and not knowing that Ralph had brought mine on USB.

I worked on the RASC Toronto Centre handout for naught.

Ralph and Guy didn't think to distribute the handouts that I had worked on and Charles had photocopied.

I made extra copies of The Sky This Month calendar for the members for naught.

Paul didn't distribute them despite prompting me to make them.

No one saw the stacks sitting on the table in the middle of the stage...

Why do I bother?!


Chas said...

Hey I worked on the hand out too..:-)

bla said...

And all that photocopying! Sorry for wasting the paper and toner...