Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dropped TSTM handout

As I reached the Ontario Science Centre auditorium for the RASC Toronto Centre meeting, I was hot. All the running around, helping Isaac.

Chatted with John B. Reminded him that through his creative accounting while handling the SkyTools3 sales in my absence, he ended up owing me $5! Suggested he buy me a beer sometime.

I rummaged in The Magic Bag to locate my eyeglasses case and cleaning cloth. When I suddenly stumbled across the photocopies of The Sky This Month November handout that I had made for the NOVA people. Shoot! I had totally forgotten about that! I felt betwixt and between. The meeting was about to start... I sat there for a moment, unable to formulate a plan.

When Charles took to the lectern, I resigned myself to dropping them off later. But then, a ray of sunshine. Charles said that the presentation wouldn't start for another 5 minutes. I jumped up and boogied down the upper bridge. Again!

The NOVA session was in full swing. I apologised and explained that I had the TSTM. People were pleased, despite my interruption. Turned on my heel and made the auditorium before the start of the talk. Now I was really hot.

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