Monday, October 18, 2010

how to collaborate

I'm actively looking for a tool to allow a number of the RASC Toronto Centre "staff" to better collaborate on a common document. Initially, I was drawn to Microsoft's Web Apps in SkyDrive. But the PowerPoint Web App is incredible limited.

I didn't think PPT-WA would be fully-featured! That it doesn't seem to let me add images or clipart, set slide footer content, and right-click on thumbnails in the navigator... well, that just doesn't seem right. I'm not surprised that animation and build actions are not available. I don't care about those. I don't need those gimicky features. I want basic functionality. I want symbolic fonts. I want to be able to paste text and either strip weird format as I'm pasting or after with a Clear option...

GoogleDocs looks to be the most promising. Fast. But users will still need an account.

I'm not prepared to / interested / compelled to build an internet-accessible SharePoint WSS server. Too bad.

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