Thursday, December 10, 2009

delivered TSTM

I delivered my presentation of The Sky This Month to the RASC Toronto Centre membership at the Ontario Science Centre last night. It was well-received. I'm happy that people enjoy it. I received a number of compliments immediately after and at the pub. They like the graphical style of my presentation, the use of Stellarium, and the calendar handout.

In fact, facilitator Paul said to me afterwards, if I wanted to do them every month, I could! Wow.

Sadly, I didn't have quite enough paper handouts. That showed that more than 50 people were at the meeting! I uploaded a PDF version (310KB) of the 2-page handout to the Centre web site...


Tom Luton pointed out a little mistake made. The low rank I noted on the (3578) Carestia asteroid occultation on Dec 26 is not a factor of the sky lighting or Moon's position but is due to the amount information (or lack thereof) about the asteroid's orbit. High-number asteroids we generally know less about. Thanks for the clarification!


Link killed. Look on the lumpy darkness companion site's presentations page.

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