Friday, February 27, 2009

Runnymede - 2nd annual

Runnymede Public School wants me back. They want to do another astronomy talk and observing session as part of their Earth Week celebrations. Last year's event was a hit. Purportedly people are still talking about it.

We've picked Monday 20 April as our main date, with the Monday one week later, as the rain date.

Hilary talked to me briefly tonight about the event. We're a go! It's official.


CMB said...

We went to the Runnymede event last year and were amazed to see Saturn's rings. We have since bought a telescope and are still finding our way around - but are actually headed out tonight to see Saturn for ourselves, and perhaps Lullin - although I doubt we will find it. Hope you come back to Runnymede - it has helped us give our kids an appreciation of the sky, and given it to us as well!

bla said...

Thanks, Chris.

I hope you're successful finding Saturn. It's an easy target tonight, just below Leo.

Lulin should be visible but it's a challenging target. I could just barely see it last night. I'm going to try shortly after midnight.

I've been looking at and sketching double and triple stars tonight. Chilly!

And I'll see you at Runnymede soon!