Saturday, July 12, 2008

cam clamps

I lost a wing nut for one of the six bolts on the wooden telescope tripod. I knew the bolts were metric. I had already looked once at Canadian Tire for metric wing nuts, not no avail...

Time to upgrade.

I picked up six cam clamp locks from Lee Valley Tools. They, unfortunately, do not come in metric sizes. So, I chose the 5/16"-18 size.

While at Canadian Tire, searching endlessly for wing nuts, I bought two 4-packs of 5/16" carriage bolts, 3½" long.

I've now adapted the tripod to the Imperial bolts with the cam locks. Awesome! They work really well. They are fast to use. There's another benefit (which I did not expect): I no longer need an additional tool (a spanner) to tighten the tripod legs.

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