Friday, May 02, 2008

scouted the town

I have wanted to know for some time what services and shops were available in Thornbury. So I left Toronto early, drove past the observatory, and continued into the small town. Got the lay of the land. I did up a little map. I'll add this as an addendum to the CAO manual.

For your info:
  • Tim Horton's, 48 Arthur St W (across the street from Mac's)
  • Mac's variety, 59 Arthur St W (aka Hwy 26)
  • LCBO, 43 Arthur St W (even though it is between Mac's and the pharmacy)
  • PharmaSave, 45 Arthur St W
  • Earl's Car Care, 58 Arthur St W
  • Thornbury Car Wash, 56 Arthur St W
  • medical centre, 21 Arthur St W (to be confirmed)
  • Canada Post, 4 Arthur St W
  • New Orleans Pizza, 4 Arthur St W, 519 599-1114
  • Wong's Restaurant, 3 Arthur St W

  • laundromat, 6 Bruce St N
  • bank, TD Canada Trust, 4 Bruce St S
  • Whole Grain natural & organic foods, 31 Bruce St S
  • Ashanti coffee shop and roastery, 39 Bruce St S
  • Mountain View Eye Car, Bruce St S at Louisa
  • candy & chocolate store, 49 Bruce St S
  • The Dam Pub, 53 Bruce St S
  • Long's auto repair, 102 Bruce St S
  • Leonard E Shore public library, 183 Bruce St S

  • Mill restaurant, 12 Bridge St E, 519 599-7866, reservations recommended
  • Thornbury Manor & The Back Door Pub, 27 Bridge St E
  • municipal offices, 26 Bridge St E

  • UPI gas (including Ultra 94 and ethanol), 63 King St E (hmm, pumps are on the north side of the road)
  • Carquest auto parts, 55 King St E (aka Hwy 26)
  • Sterio's Steaks and Seafood, 81 King St E, 519 599-5319, reservations recommended
  • Penny's A Motel, 141 King St E
  • Beaver Motel, 161 King St E
  • Foodland (formerly IGA) grocery, 208300 King St E (between Grey and Elgin)
  • Home Hardware Building Centre, 208339 King St E (between Hwy 2 and Grey)

  • OK Tire Service, Hwy 2 at Hwy 26
  • fire hall, Hwy 2 at Hwy 26
  • Blue Mountain Veterinary Services, 728380 21st Side Road, 519 599-7777
  • fresh baking, post office, Ravenna General Store
  • beer stores, bottle return, Meaford or Collingwood
  • Canadian Tire, Collingwood
For more info, other shops, B&Bs, see the Blue Mountain regional web site.


I'll do a similar table and map for Collingwood, with emphasis on shops and services not in Thornbury.

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