Sunday, May 18, 2008

a pretty good landscape

There. Much better.

I realised that my original photos included information slightly below the horizon, below 0°. Whatever the camera's field of view is.

When I stitched those images, there was some data "lower" in the photos. But early in my decision making I had cropped out this data.

With a 2048 x 2048 aspect ratio, I realised I could re-incorporate this data into the photos. It would allow the vertical angular ratio feature in Stellarium to work better. And it would allow me to "push" the ground image lower. Also, if I moved the visual data up to the top of the frame, that would increase the height of all the buildings and trees.

The final result now, without having to re-shoot the photos, is quite good. I have now made this custom 4 panel panorama my default landscape at the start-up of Stellarium 0.9.1.

I'm very happy about this!

Hey, look! You can see Evan's little red wagon.

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