Tuesday, April 22, 2008

thanks from Runnymede

Note from Hilary on behalf of the Runnymede Public School Volunteer Committee:
It is us who should be thanking you! It was a wonderful evening - you have summarized it beautifully in your [message]. I heard a lot of compliments on both your A/V presentation (and your ability to keep the kids' attention) and the outside - I love that one of our teachers called to her husband to say that he HAD to come to see Saturn!

We so appreciate your time, and that of the RASC crew - please pass along our thanks to William, John, Tony, and Ken. We're hoping to do something again in future, now you've shown that there is indeed interest. The headcount was approximately 80 people - 70 attended the talk inside (equal amounts kids and adults) and another 10-15 joined us outside - amazing!

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