Thursday, April 24, 2008

revised CAO handbook

There's a special document provided to visitors heading to the RASC Toronto Centre's Carr Astronomical Observatory. It includes various notes, instructions on opening and closing things, emergency contacts, etc.

Last fall, I created an improved map (with Adobe Illustrator) for inclusion into the handbook. It had not yet been updated with this new diagram. And some other details now required updating. Tony seemed a little backlogged so I offered to revise it.

I applied the following changes:
  • replaced old map with my new one
  • replaced old parking pass with new one
  • updated header with new version (3.20 from 3.12) and new date (Apr 2008 from Aug 2007)
  • updated footer with new copyright year
  • set language properly for spelling checking to English (Canada) [from US]
  • fixed various typos and minor layout problems
  • fixed inconsistent quote and apostrophe symbols
  • repaired many heading style assignments, and then...
  • regenerated Table of Contents
You can tell there have been a few cooks in the kitchen...

I also changed the name of the file. The old name had multiple periods which I explained is not good in Micro$oft Windows.


During a future visit to the area, I'm going to visit the nearby villages and collect some handy information, such as the nearest pharmacies, clinics, hardware stores, and LCBO. Important stuff, you know.

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