Sunday, April 06, 2008

8" broke too?!

Last night, when I resolved to pack it in, I quickly moved the small, light items to the garage. I sealed and covered the 'scope. And I turned on the security lights.


Today, as I packed everything away neatly, for my return to Toronto, I caught, out of the corner of my eye, a break in the cable cover of the 8" Kendrick dew heater, near the RCA plug. Oh, for crying out loud! That's broken now too?

I was feeling very dejected. The 2" heater is pooched. I haven't "hacked" it to figure out where it is faulty. If I'm lucky, it will be a break in a lead wire, and not the heater proper...

My first impression of the 8" situation was that the outer sheath had cracked or separated. On closer examination, it was only that the sheath had been pulled away from the plug.

The white lead wires within looked okay. I suspect that the cable got strained and stretched last night, with the controller dangling down, pulling on the cable. I must avoid this in the future.

I'll have to perform a continuity test to verify the heater is still functional.

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