Monday, January 07, 2008

Uranus plotted for 08

I plotted Uranus for 2008.

Again, started off with Cartes du Ciel.

Tried to use GIMP this time, for the image editing. Bad idea. Things were awkward, slow, difficult, convoluted. And it wasn't GIMP's fault! I chose the wrong tool for the job; GIMP is a photo editor not an object-oriented drawing application. Near the end, GIMP crashed and I had not saved for 2 hours! DOH!

Considered Illustrator briefly. Re-did the work in Fireworks. Went very smoothly.

New with this edition:
  • larger image: 1280 x 884 pixels
  • 51 weeks shown
  • ecliptic shown
  • other planets nearby with date stamps
  • Sun nearby with date stamp

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