Wednesday, January 23, 2008

to see a launch!

A few members of the RASC Toronto Centre started kickin' around the idea of going to Florida to watch a shuttle launch. And I seriously thought about it. Wow... to see the rocket motors light and lift the shuttle. To hear and feel the rumble. Could be very exciting.

However, one of the members suggested moving up the date. Originally the March launch (with Canadian connection) was considered. The major disadvantage to this date was the proximity to March break (and how it affected flight and hotel prices). So, the group settled on the February 7 STS-122 planned launch date. My heart sank.

A tad too rushed for me. I'd have to scramble to wriggle out of any work commitments. When suddenly I realised that my passport was expired. Oh boy. Unless I really hustled, and paid the "rush" charges, I would not be able to get this lined up. Post 9-11 air travel is different now.

All this said, the bug has bit! I wanna see (and feel) a launch! So, after the passport is processed, I'll start looking at the calendar. And perhaps I can help Willy out with car transporting...

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