Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new diagonal!

I bought a new diagonal mirror for my SCT today. Found a good deal.

Picked up a Williams Optics 2" dielectric 90° diagonal—the carbon fiber version. It includes an adapter for 1¼" eyepieces and a free SCT ring adapter!
  • Ultra High dielectric coating offers 99% reflectivity
  • precision 1/10 lambda surface
  • 10mm-thick mirror substrate flat
  • 2"- 1.25" adapter with brass clamping ring
  • big, knurled thumbscrews easy to turn even with gloves on
  • inside of tubes threaded to fit a variety of filters
  • inside diameter: 48mm
  • weight: 470g
Can't wait to try it.

This will allow me to choose 2" eyepieces (if I can ever afford them).

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