Thursday, April 05, 2007

lunch with Alan

Alan contacted me recently. He wanted to know if I would like 2 free tickets to the hotdocs movie In the Shadow of the Moon. Sounds like an interesting flick. Sure!

We had lunch today to catch up and to exchange "da goods." It was great to see Alan again.

During our pub fare at The Pilot, we reminisced on our astronomy-related adventures.

For example, Alan recalled that we had gone to the David Dunlap Observatory at some point. We each recalled particulars of the evening, although neither of us remembered looking through the main instrument.

We laughed about our York University visit to view Mars and how irate some people became when we started to pack up... They assumed we worked for the university!

Alan also recalled a visit to his parents apartment near St. Clair and Avenue. From the building rooftop we viewed Mars. I vaguely recall the rooftop but not much else.

We agreed that we're getting old!

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