Tuesday, April 17, 2007

lid LEDs

I have some extra dome LEDs...

I think I ended up buying 150 or so!

So I decided to rig 4 of them up inside the lid of my "astronomy box," a plastic file folder holder style box. I keep my notes, some books, planisphere, eyepieces, flashlights, etc. in this thing.

I was in Mississauga so I decided to visit "surplus electronics alley," on Matheson, just west of Dixie. Holy cow! Mecca! I felt like a kid in candy shops.
  • AA Electronics: 1350 Matheson Bl E, units 7-8, on the east end 905 206-0931. Bought a microswitch with a normally open mode, some 62 ohm resistors, and some 389 batteries (for the red LED pen). They had speaker equipment, big racks of big gauge speaker wire. Hmmm, inexpensive no-name satellite receivers...
  • Sayal Electronics: 1350 Matheson Bl E, units 3-6, on the west end 905 238-8640. Bought a AA battery holder (only). This place is gigantic! Walk in the door and you'll see lots of electronic labs and kits (saw my 300-in-1 model). Go around the corner... Wow! A huge space, very neatly organised, with a stunning array of display cases. Incredible selection! I could have spent hours there... Still grinning.
Headed home to build the lid lights.

It works! It is sweet. When I open the lid of the box, 4 discreet red LEDs fire up, casting their pale red light down on the contents of the box. Close the lid, like a fridge, and the lights go out.

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