Tuesday, April 10, 2007

light box mock up

Having purchased a gaggle of resistors, to go with the little dome red LEDs, I was ready to do a full mock up of my light box.

The whole matrix is 19" wide by 12" long. It contains 108 LEDs, in 18 parallel strings of 6 LEDs plus a 91 ohm resistor.

Not visible in the photo is a power switch and a 1K ohm rheostat. It runs off my portable 12V battery pack or my 120VAC-12VDC adapter.

It's working well. My cheapo digital camera does not render the colour realistically. It is not so orange.

Next step: find something to put above lights to smooth out and soften the light... Frosted glass, perhaps? Or a acrylic diffuser from a fluorescent light?

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Anonymous said...

I made a very cheap lightbox for lexa out of a cardboard box and some tissue paper. You can see her writeup on her blog wwww.unsweetened.ca.