Friday, August 25, 2006

we tried (Toronto)

I was invited over for dinner tonight (Thursday night) with "da boys." I drove over, just in case... Suddenly at 9:30 or so, I realised--hey, it's dark. Let's go!

Ventured into the backyards behind Cam's house and his neighbour's but the yards "face" east. Obviously we couldn't see Jupiter from there.

As I walked between the houses, I spotted it! I ran to the car and grabbed by binos. It was not a star: I was seeing a disk.

I ran into the house and asked Alex if he was interested. He was enthralled with a book. I asked again. He assured me (as best an 8 year old can) he was. I asked if he'd help me: he said, "Sure."

We quickly set up the 'scope (even though I had forgotten the counterweights). But I think I got the best views (I saw two of the moons)...

As Cam, Alex, and Cam's mom filtered outside, clouds were creeping up from the horizon. Jupiter was getting fainter and fainter.

Still, Alex said he could see three moons...

Oh well. We tried.

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