Thursday, June 08, 2023

taught L2C

Taught Stellarium level 2 intermediate tonight. 

Er, yesterday?!

In the after-the-class hangout, a few of us continued chatting and problem-solving till after midnight.

I had run the session for the Mountain time zone, so the scheduled class time for my Eastern time zone was 9:30 PM to 11:30...

Good session overall, good turnout. I ran long, as usual, but many stayed around.

Mount control worked, no issues. My DIY home-made data cable.



Also served about half the people from the course I cancelled on 9 May due to health reasons. That was good to help those humans.


Chris Cottle said...

A great class Blake. I learnt alot. Thank you so much for hanging around until well after midnight your time, It was easier with the western crowd as it was only after 9pm. Your passion is very evident and you have passed that on to others.

Sis said...

glad it went well