Wednesday, June 14, 2023

spoke for Kingston

Spoke at the RASC Kingston meeting, invited by Kim H.

It was the centre's monthly meeting, actually the last regular one for the year, as they put them in hiatus during the summer.

Hybrid event, with people in a classroom, and people online.

Well run, with this complex setup. They had a neat little portable microphone to help capture words from people in-person, for their recording, and for us virtual.

I talked about the RASC visual observing certificates. It went well, I think. It was encouraging to see how many members were actively pursuing certificates.

It was a treat to see two recipients acknowledged after my bit, Andrew and Susan. I don't often get to see certificates awarded to people!

And a bit of myth-busting! A member, who did not own eyepieces, said he had hoped to get a certificate from RASC. I was very happy to inform him of the RASC astroimaging certificates. While "not my department," it was good to show we offered 3 different paths.

They invited me to hang out.

Later, as they did the roundtable of people's latest observations, they pinged me. Nice! Not much, of course, of late but some imaging with BGO and some visual but going back a couple of months...


Dovid Levy was present. And he shared a little, but important, tidbit. They he was awarded an observing certificate, back in 1985, by the late Leo Enright. But this data, for some reason, was not present in my data set. 

I happily updated the file! Love finding missing data...


Used my new Logitech webcam, with Zoom. Very happy. The first webcam, in the last couple of decades, to offer full camera control! I specifically wanted to control the field of view and zoom. Brilliant.


The event was recorded. See the YouTube video shared by RASC Kingston.

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