Saturday, March 27, 2021

hacked the Moon

Showed Chris V how to hack Stellarium with a high-rez texture for the Moon.

The following process might upset the apple cart. I assume you know what you're doin'!

The steps, if you're inclined:

  1. Go to SourceForge discussion by Endre V.
  2. Download the hi-rez image JPG from the Moon 8K texture map link. You can ignore the other stuff.
  3. Open the JPG into an image editor, save as PNG, and call it "moon.png".
  4. Ensure Stellarium is not running.
  5. Access your Stellarium program file folder. 
  6. Access the "textures" subfolder. You'll find planet textures here. And textures for many moons...
  7. Find the "moon.png" file (for our moon) and rename it, so to back it up. Your OS may require administrative permission to complete some of these actions.
  8. Copy the downloaded and converted 8K Moon file called "moon.png" into the "textures" folder. 
  9. Start Stellarium and zoom in! Zoom in, eh?!

Stellarium might load slowly and want more memory. That's the price of admission.

I shared a snap.

Stellarium running a hi-rez image of the Moon

"Freakin' awesome," was his reply.


I remember hacking Jupiter too, when it lost a cloud band...


Ho ho, found it. 21 Aug 2010. I was doing lots of Stellarium tuning!

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