Saturday, November 30, 2019

answered YouTube questions

Jamey Griesser asked questions about my barn door tracker in YouTube.
Very informative presentation Blake.  2 questions - have you used this with any longer focal length lense(s), for example 100mm, 200mm?  If so what were the results?   ... Also, do you have any problems with the ball head, either locating your 'target', or slippage?
I replied:
Hi Jamey. 

A1:  I have not shot with any of my longer lens, such as a 100 portrait, or 70-210 zoom, partly because they are slow.  The longest used is the 18-55 kit lens.  I use a 40D body with APS-C chip so multiple 55 by 1.6.  That means I'm effectively around 80 or 90mm.

A2:  No problems with the ball head.  The original grease went bad so I cleaned it out.  Very smooth.  Has dual friction controls so works well, is smooth, and once clamped out, does not move.
Hope that helps him out.


In April 2020, shot with 70-210 Vivitar Series 1 which weighs 900 grams!

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