Saturday, September 28, 2019

monitored both

I was wondering if I might image a dual flyover, with the JAXA HTV heading toward the International Space Station. It would be really helpful to know where both orbiting objects were at the same time. Lots of options for the ISS. But what about the H-II Transfer Vehicle 8?

I pinged Chris for ideas. He suggested the web site. That sounded very familiar. I must have encountered it before. Almost 20 000 objects are tracked in the web site.

While it was easy to show the ISS, I could not find anything on the latest Japanese vehicle. I filled out the response form and in short order Ciprian replied. He provided a link with the new object ID. Woo hoo! He had added the new TLE data. The HTV showed.

When I added or combined the two objects, both showed on the map! Cool!

HTV trailing far behind the ISS

As of 26 Sep, 13:46 EDT. A couple thousand kilometres apart.

When I checked the URL, I noticed both the identifiers.|44546

When I activated the "footprint" option (the red circle), it was obvious they weren't close enough to visually see at the same time.

I checked the next morning.

HTV very near the ISS

As of 27 Sep, 11:31 EDT. Ooh. Much closer now!

The HTV was grappled by the Canadarm early this morning. So no more chances.

Sadly, in the end, the timing didn't work. The weather didn't exactly cooperate. Maybe when the HTV undocks...

I tip my beanie to Chris and Chip.

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