Wednesday, September 11, 2019

attended the RASC meeting

Attended the RASC TC Recreational Astronomy Night meeting.

Travelled to and fro with Ron B.

Good to see familiar faces. Saw Tom L, Peter, George, Clay, Mary Ann, Kersti, Joel P, Joel D, Alan, Louis. Betty and Andrew, as usual, were on audio-visual duty for the evening (thanks for making me look good). Paul M was the M.C. once again. Talked with Shawn about IT matters. Received my finicky green laser pointer from Ed. Caught up with Adrian on observing certificate matters. Chatted with Richard as he shared his new CCD camera woes. Congratulated Millie and Dietmar on their award (SLO Team). Answered a question on the DI event for Dan. Acknowledged Ennio's DDO help offer. Spoke briefly with Marc about the popular Telescope Loan Programme needed another helper. Peter R introduced me to a new member who is keen to volunteer.

I delivered my The Sky This Month presentation. Did not feel really settled, again. I don't know why I get so riled up. The unedited raw video is available for review. My talk starts at the 9:29 mark and concludes at 51:32. Chris offered a comment at the end on dual shadow transits on Jupiter. Indeed, a cool thing to see. In my presentation (and associated article on the RASC web site) I have noted many "Jupiter events."

[ed: Saw Eric was online in the chat channel.]

Denis gave an interesting talk on the Pegasus portable power distribution device with clever software interface.

Steve delivered a great presentation on the new Sue-Lora Observatory (SLO) up at the Carr Astronomical Observatory. Exciting stuff. An amazing new benefit of membership. Open for business!

Ralph, during his general announcements, noted my new activity in volunteer coordination. The word's gettin' out...

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MAK said...

You seemed very settled and un-riled to this observer. Great job!