Saturday, April 14, 2018

worked on the BDT alt-az base

More work on the barn door tracker alt-az base.

Drilled new holes for the motor, which sits to the outboard side now.

BDT with new altitude adjuster

Notched the bottom plate of the alt-az plates to improve clearance issues. I see there's the possibility of the curved rod touching.

Countersunk the new tripod T-nut in the alt-az bottom plate. Went down about 1 or 2 mm into the wood.

BDT with new azimuth adjuster

Drilled a new hole in the outer L-bracket for the azimuth adjustment screw. This aligns with the existing hole on the inner bracket. Decided to mount the screw handle on the "outer" side as I imaged it will get crowded around the tripod head.

Trimmed the cut or drilled pieces of the bottom tile to remove rough spots.

All but done. I need either metal-to-metal glue or to tack-weld the nut to the inner L-bracket. I think it should go on the inside face...


I found the finder scope bracket was mounted backwards. I think. Flipped it around.

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