Thursday, February 01, 2018

found a bright point

While blinking, I found a strange bright point north-east of M81 in a Burke-Gaffney Observatory image shot by Rhonda back in October. It sure looked like a supernova while quite far from the galaxy proper.

Checked Aladin/SIMBAD using the SDSS9, DSS, and 2MASS layers. Checked the BGO images of Messier 81 captured by another user shortly before our photograph. No matching point in any of those images.

Contacted Eric to review processes. I knew about the Minor Planet Center already; he reminded me to check David Bishop's supernova site. Right! Forgot about that one. No asteroids or comets. Lots of SN near M81 but nothing at the coordinates.

He also reminded me to check in with Mr Lane.

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