Tuesday, February 06, 2018

reviewed the Heavy launch

SpaceX successfully launched their Falcon Heavy spacecraft today at 3:50 PM. After work I watched the videos. Wow.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launching

Lift-off of the world's most powerful spacecraft with the central core and two strap-on boosters. Very exciting.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rolling

Rolling for orbital insertion. The 27 Merlin motors worked great.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy in low orbit

This will be a thing now, when Heavy launches. Displays of different things in real-time. You'll need to decide what you want to watch.

pilot aboard Tesla - don't worry

I knew the Tesla car was on board and I learned of the simulated driver. But I burst out laughing when I saw the console.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy boosters back at base

Boosters land together like something out of a science fiction movie. FAB!

What an incredible day. History made.

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