Tuesday, September 12, 2017

was it Mercury? (Bradford)

Ugh. Up early. Kissed rho and headed outside for the brisk walk to the GO station, dodging skinny kitties and skunks.

Dark again. Winter is coming.

I saw stars! It was very clear. Took in Orion, flickering Sirius, Gemini, Auriga, and the Moon. Tilting my head back, I could see the big Winter Football.

Venus blazed in the east. I noticed something 8° away, below, at a steep angle, about 70 or 80°. Was it Mercury? I know it was near maximum elongation.

I checked Sky Map on the Android smartphone and learned that Mars and Regulus were there too... But which one was I seeing? Sky Map did not show magnitudes.

The point of light faded in creeping fog.


Checked on Grace's iPad in SkySafari. It was Mercury! At magnitude -0.4.

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