Wednesday, September 06, 2017

multi-exposure eclipse

Assembled in Photoshop the frames shot in Glendo. Aligned. Bumped the levels of the totality frame, then shifted the colour a bit.

multi-exposure of the 2017 occultation

Canon 40D, 18-55 kit lens at 35, f/5.6, 1/200th of a second, ISO 100, Kendrick solar filter in custom adapter (removed at totality), RAW, daylight white balance, DPP, Ps CS2.

It came out pretty good. That's 29 images. I'm still kinda blown away that it all worked.


Unknown said...

I love that I was standing next to your camera as it was doing this - this is too awesome. Want to embiggen the image.

bla said...

To get the largest size of image, I right-click on it (in Windows) and open in a new window or tab. For *this* image, I scaled it down partly for speed reasons.