Thursday, March 30, 2017

another first

SpaceX did it! Another precedent-setting day, they launched the SES-10 satellite atop a previously-flown booster. Then they recovered the booster, again, on their at-sea barge. An incredible achievement.

SpaceX SES-10 mission launch

Lifting off.

SpaceX clearing the tower

Well clear of the tower.

Falcon 9 powering away

The used Merlin engines running at full power.

Falcon 9 rolling


Falcon 9 passing through Max-Q

Around Max-Q.

Falcon 9 passing through Max-Q

After MECO.

Stage 1 returning; stage 2 pressing.

Stage 1 decent burn; stage 2 motor running.

SpaceX Falcon 9 back on the planet again.

Stage Falcon 9 back on the Earth.

SpaceX orbital diagram for SES-10.

SES-10 heading to orbit.

Access to space just got cheaper.

You can watch the SpaceX video of the launch through landing.

Spaceflight Now shared photos and video captured from the press site.


Spaceflight shared some very nice hi-rez photos from sound-triggered cameras.

SpaceX updated their flickr images. Now there are hi-rez still shots of the landing.


Video (with audio) from the drone ship showed up on Instagram.

Not my imagination: the fins did glow red-hot on this descent. They are aluminium coated in heat shield material. Future fins will be made of forged titanium.

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