Tuesday, March 14, 2017

7789 in colour

Put together NGC 7789 in colour using the LRGB data from 4 Aug '16. Surprising colour.

open cluster NGC 7789 in colour

FITS Liberator, Photoshop CS2.

Luminance 60x10, RGB 60x5 each.

STI 3065 A appears white. I'm assuming B is the touching white star to the south-south-east, dimmer. There's a brighter pale orange due south of the lower white star.

STI 3063. The bright orange star to the north-east should be the primary with the dimmer grey star to the south-west. These are the opposite positions than what SkyTools shows.

Love the blue, white, and orange coloured stars, equally bright, in a straight line. ST3P only identifies one of these: GSC 04009-2108.

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