Wednesday, November 02, 2016

learned about weather

Attended the RASC Toronto Centre meeting at the Ontario Science Centre. I was particularly interested in the topic.

Geoff Coulson from Environment Canada gave an interesting talk on our favourite subject—well, after astronomy. I made some quick notes. I was most interested in checking out the NCAR weather web site. Looks like it will be another good resource for analysing future conditions. Also made a note about CarWarn. Maybe I'll sign up in the spring.

Sat with Chris. We chatted about various things.

Confirmed the star field in the desktop image on Ed's laptop.

Chatted briefly with Geneviève. She's most curious how processing my image in Photoshop will compare to the results achieved with GIMP.

Spoke briefly with Ian W about NOVA. Screen size, room brightness, etc. I think I'm all set. Assuming I can borrow their computer.

Returned Jeff's tool wrench.

Chatted with a fellow member from Bradford!

Caught up with Tony.

Received an incredible book from Peter H.

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