Thursday, June 23, 2016

fix-it day at the CAO

I wanted to get away earlier but I was also very tired and needed the sleep. I really wanted to sort the Swann security system issue, on a work day, during working hours. I also wanted a good amount of time to prepare for the astrophotography workshop event...

Still arrived at the CAO in the morning. Good.

Delivered more iButton TouchKeys, some S-Video jacks, Mom's electric chainsaw stuff, and some neat beer coasters for Ian W. Oh yeah, and my portable whiteboard.

As I worked on the dining room computer, cleaned the mouse.

Happily, with the help of a Swann technical support person, we got the system working--fully. What a relief. Tony was happy too.

Ian arrived in the late afternoon and then hustled off to the Thornbury library for meeting.

I slowly set up in the Geoff Brown Observatory, including firing up the laptop control computer.

The Davis weather data updates had stalled again. I rebooted the machine. Later, when I logged into the weather/SQM server, I discovered some of the apps not running. I manually started UDM along with a couple of other apps. The weather utility seemed OK.

I was ready to go.

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