Thursday, October 01, 2015

helped Peter (Etobicoke)

I helped Peter with a small star party for Cubs and Scouts at the St James United Church. Not an ideal spot in the parking lot unfortunately. Someone had set up some incredibly bright LED lights on a nearby tree.

Flew both Phil's and Peter's Meade telescopes.

I found Saturn with my compass and SkySafari out of a blue sky! Wow. Was ready to go when everyone arrived from their meeting.

We viewed the ringed planet, some double stars, the Ring Nebula, open clusters, etc. I had a list made from SkyTools. Good weather, yeh. But a little challenging with the bright sky and local light pollution.

The kids had some looks. Peter helped them with some constellations so they could obtain their observing badge. Short attention spans. They then went about playing in the parking lot.

With the adults and parents, talked about star colours and temperatures, cost of equipment, learning the sky, etc.

Later, Peter coaxed some of the older kids, from the choir. They seemed more aware, more interested. But they were under-dressed and bailed.

Peter and I handed out RASC Starfinders, ones I had picked up from National Office earlier.

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