Wednesday, October 14, 2015

double star orientation

Coaxed Andy out to the pub after the meeting. He had some questions for me about the double star project.

He wanted an update. Said he had not received email messages recently. I thought that a little odd but suspected it was because I was using blind copy. Fired up the Android. Jumped into the Gmail app, and searched for the messages. Found a recent bulletin. Checked the recipient list. He was on it. Maybe I went into his spam folder. Made a mental note to resend a recent message directly.

Verified which address he wanted to use.

Then I thought, since we're here, together, with access to the internet, I could demo, quickly, the spreadsheet file in Google Drive. Huh. Didn't remember ever doing anything quick like this before on the table. Regardless, in a few seconds, I was in the spreadsheet. We reviewed the tabs. Showed how to select items and then how to log them. I explained how he could use the Sheets document.

Checked which email address was associated with the spreadsheet.

And then I thought, hey, let's have a look at the web site. Since we're here. Did a quick tour in a browser. Another place for bulletins, links, how-tos, etc. Done. He was happy. I was happy. Launched Evernote and made some quick reminders to myself.


Sipped my Peculiar and then it hit me. I'm comfortable with the Android. I just did some "work." It was fast and relatively easy. Was able to do everything I needed to do. Transparent. Wow. Something of a break-thru moment, I realised. Letting go of Psion...

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