Sunday, March 16, 2014

viewed phi Tau (Mississauga)

Spent some time in Stellarium and SkyTools. Reviewed my double stars life list. Noted φ (phi) Tauri. Near the Pleiades. About a finder field-and-a-half from M45. To the north-east.

Noted a little triangle nearby.

Found it! Viewed with the 36mm. Gold-yellow and blue. Companion is maybe two or three magnitudes fainter. Widely separated. Lovely. [ed: The ST3P Context Viewer shows the primary is 5.0 and the secondary is 7.4. Also known as 52 Tau.]

Four or five times the distance away in the opposite direction is a deep red star. A variable perhaps? Intense. Neat. [ed: HD 27482 is not noted as a variable star.]

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