Wednesday, March 26, 2014

still struggling with power

Interesting. Manuel asked the Yahoo!Group for advice on an adapter for his laptop computer. Something that I tried to help him with last year. I guess he's still struggling to get his computer working in the field with the marine battery. And clearly he needs to work somewhere remote without AC power.

I was somewhat impressed that he reached out to the group. And a little surprised that he was still struggling with this issue four months later.

He didn't tell people the particulars of his laptop, forcing general responses.

Terry piped up first. Referred to a product from Amazon. It is a CLA adapter that can put out up to 24 volts. But, of course, the amps drop as the volts climbs. Would it be enough for the laptop in question? If used, and the amperage require was mismatched, what might get damaged?

Denis chimed in. Immediately noted his response was of a general nature. He remarked on a solution that worked for him that cautioned that it was model and vendor specific. Quoted amperage values. And shared that his newer power-hungry laptop exceeds the amperage capabilities of the DC-DC adapter. So must resort to his AC adapter (and inverter) with the lead acid battery.

That made me think two thoughts. Would the technical aspects be lost on Manuel? He's just not wired that way (sorry, and sorry). And given the mention of the AC adapter, would he view that as me, previously, giving him incorrect advice. Well, he'll have his harsh awakening. If he can get one or two hours out of the laptop battery, maybe he'll be OK. He already knows that running the inverter degrades the marine battery rapidly.

Karsten was the last to jump into the fray, taking the DIY approach, suggestion Active Surplus. And hinting he could make his own. Ah....

I'm very curious what he'll take away from that. And hopefully we wont blow up anything.

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