Saturday, January 18, 2014

found errors and anomalies in 2014 OH

As I made an observing list in SkyTools, I found errors in the 2014 RASC Observer's Handbook. In the TABLE OF DOUBLE AND MULTIPLE STARS starting on page 292. One is quite serious.
  • iota UMa A, BC (the first occurrence): This is the location, PA, and Sep. for iota Cnc.
  • zeta UMa AB: SkyTools shows this PA and Sep. associated with the A and C stars.
There are some minor issues:
  • number of entries: I count 136 entries, one more than quoted.
  • kappa Tuc 2014 vs 2015 values: Shown as the same. If truly different, then show the values; otherwise blank the 2015 column.
  • epsilon Sco AB 2014 vs 2015 values: Shown as the same, again.
  • HR 6749-50 PA in 2015: Shown as 0. Is this correct or should 360 be shown?
I'll send these into the editor...

Then there are these. Who is right?
  • iota UMa A, BC (the second occurrence) PA, Sep., and period: 93 and 2.01 is shown for 2014, 96 and 1.99 for 2015, with a period of 2084. SkyTools reports 205 and 2.79 now, 206 and 2.83 next year, with an indeterminate orbit of 818 years.
  • alpha Com PA for 2014: Shown as 12 (same as 2015). SkyTools says 192° now but will be 13° next year.
  • eta Oph AB PA and Sep.: 232 and 2.57 is shown for 2014, 232 and 0.57 for 2015. SkyTools reports 232 and 0.59 now and the same numbers for next year.
I need to investigate further.

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