Friday, January 03, 2014

checked telescope configurations

Thought I saw something wrong last night in my SkyTools 3 Pro telescope-view configurations...

Reviewed my notes on telescope view orientation. Briefly:
  • a reflector (or Newtonian) presents a rotated view
  • a compound (e.g. SCT) with, or a refractor with, a standard mirror-diagonal or star-diagonal installed (which is common) presents a mirror-reversed or laterally-inverted view
And thought again  on my simple rule: even number of reflections (and zero), a normal view (although it may be rotated); odd reflections, a mirrored view.

Initially using the Pleiades, then M33, I double checked Mom's telescope view orientation. Mom's Edmund Scientific was OK with a rotated view.

But I found the RASC Tele Vue 101 was wrong! Changed (on John Phil) the Up/Down property from Flipped to Normal. Same problem on a friend's 80mm refractor.

It looks like the stock Tele Vue 101 is configured as such. Huh.

This leads me to once again consider that I've configured my telescopes wrong. I wonder if I should set the Left/Right and Up/Down options of the telescope to match its inherit properties without a mirror diagonal... I tested this before, but didn't keep good notes. And there's the aspect of imaging as well...


Took me a while to find them but my old notes from August 2006 stand.


Added (to John Phil) Thierry's LX-200 which I used visually and photographically as I repaired it. Added Ian's custom 20" Newt which I used to track down the quasar.


Also checked for duplicate locations. All OK.

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