Friday, October 11, 2013

said we were open

Sent a note to the RASC Toronto Centre Yahoo!Group advising that Carr Astronomical Observatory the would be open for the long weekend. Weather was looking good for the next couple of days. And that I was the supervisor.

Shared that we would be trying to view the International Space Station, Uranus, Neptune, comets, and many other fuzzy things. And, tonight, the rare triple shadow transit on Jupiter.

Included the note, "Hey Bill! You should come to the CAO!"

Was trying to be brief, on one hand... And this started to backfire almost immediately.

Rob asked when I was going to arrive and open. Guess he missed the signature text: "sent... while at the CAO." I told him where I was!

I did not include the particulars of when I'd be closing either. And this would also come back to haunt me.

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