Tuesday, July 02, 2013

tried to sort wifi

Looked into the d-Link device in the Geoff Brown Observatory. Squirrely wifi on the back deck.

I wondered what the age of the firmware was on 524 unit. I could not seem to set the current date. The year drop down menu only went to 2012. I tried changing the DST settings. I tried setting to a time server...

I dropped antenna power to 50%. It didn't seem to make any difference. On a whim I disconnected the external, high power antenna. Suddenly the netbook computer connected. I attached the stock antenna. The netbook lost connection. Huh? Did the external high-gain and stock short antenna prevent connections? OK... experiment time: leave the antenna disconnected.

While I was in the GBO, I replaced the cover for the supervisors log book.

I also pulled out the old sheets. And while doing that I reviewed the sheets for SQM numbers. Found one.

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