Wednesday, October 03, 2012

one more deal

Francis contacted Dietmar again. Now he's making noises about wanting the BAO motor and electronics. And, surprise, surprise, he's bellyaching and protesting and sulking and trying to low-ball us. And upsetting Dietmar. I offered to take over communications. He said he was OK.

Dietmar gave me a DVD with the control software. I'll need to hand this off...

I asked Dietmar (and crew) to review all the pieces and parts and bits and bobs of the Bob Anderson Dome. Primarily, so that we would avoid overlooking anything.

Phil offered, upon arriving the CAO for the Thanksgiving weekend, to seek out all the remaining parts. Hopefully we'll be able to track down everything. Hopefully nothing's gone astray. Francis is planning to come by on Saturday...

We'll give him the shutter door rails (from the original deal). And, if we can arrive at a fair new deal, sell him the motor control system.

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