Sunday, October 14, 2012

helped at the fall work party

Helped at the fall work party at the Carr Astronomical Observatory.

Started by printing the job jar list, for Dietmar, during this pep talk.

Purchased the angle brackets and fasteners so to repair the trailer. Provided these to Dietmar.

Put the big boxes of baking soda, purchased by Lora, in the garage and the basement. For lead acid battery spill clean-up, heaven forbid.

Helped removed the old living room sofa with Phil, Dietmar, and Trevor. Moved the "new" one indoors.

With Steve, Bailey, and Ralph, installed the storm windows. After Bailey and Ralph cleaned the inside windows.

Winterised the generator. Showed Bailey, Phil, and Steve the process. Bailey connected the timer and the battery blanket to the mains. We energised the circuit. Phil checked it later and buttoned everything up. I oiled the exterior lock.

Moved the picnic tables, save one, to under the deck with Steve, Ralph, and Trevor.

Checked the propane tank level with Bailey and Steve.

Installed the glass window in the utility closet door of the GBO with Bailey and Steve's help. The silicone at the top edge didn't work so it will need a slight dab. The clear silicone in the GBO observatory floor door worked well, however. No more rattle.

Did more investigative work for the bathroom grab bars. Took detailed measurements for Tony.

Helped a little with garage activities. Helped with a couple of uprights. Was involved in the discussion of lockers placement and size. Checked and reseated the plug on the security camera. Helped move and haul a couple of the DFM telescope pieces.

Received the measurements for the gap under the stairs from Bailey and Steve. Added a sketch for clarification.

Cut the balance of the lawn after Trevor did a bunch. It started to lightly rain and hail as I worked on the back lawn. Cleaned the mower.

Helped take the pergola tarp down. Coiled the rope and put in house to dry.


Helped Tom with the inventory. Particularly the astronomical equipment. Promised to send data, when back home, from my various notes, files, and spreadsheets. As well as needed photos.


Received the tools, supplies, and fasteners inventory file from Kiron.


I had asked Bailey to be our intrepid reporter for the event. She shot photos and made notes. I offered to support her after the event in writing her first report for the SCOPE newsletter and web site. Promised to scan the completed "job jar" list (which someone had put hearts all over).


The team did an amazing job in the garage. Completely emptied it to itemise and discard things, build new shelves, properly store supplies and parts, and clean. Fantastic. It looked new, when they finished! 

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